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Self-Service Step-by-Step Instructions

Due to reduced funding, the UC team now has half the staff available to answer calls.

The department is highlighting ways to get information to those in need more efficiently. As a person filing for or seeking answers to questions on benefits, there are a number of things you can do to help get answers faster.

Where Do I Start? 

A considerable amount of questions are answered in the following two resources. Please check to see if the question or issue you are experiencing is addressed here.

What Can I Do Online? 

*Please note, unless you are filing an initial claim, you will need your Social Security number and UC assigned PIN - this can be found on your Claim Confirmation letter.

You need to call the UC Service Center if you:

  • Lose your UC PIN or never received one in the mail.
  • Filed online or through the PAT system and the system tells you to call in
  • Need to report a new employer while continuing your current claim

* Please note: If you didn’t receive a debit card or are having any issues related to your debit card please call ReliaCard at 1-888-233-5916.