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​Website Updates Announcement

We've made a few updates to our website to make things a bit easier for you.

To create a one-stop shop and simplify our website – we've consolidated all of our programs on the filing pages based on what action you need to take. You no longer have to go to separate program pages to file initial claims, biweekly or weekly certifications.

Need to file an initial claim with us? Simply visit our File an Initial Claim page and select the program that's right for you.

Initial Claim Page Demo:

Need to file a biweekly claim or a weekly certification? Just go to our File a Biweekly Claim page and select the program you're enrolled in.

Biweekly Page Demo:

We're also making it easier to understand each of the Federal programs with separate program pages that will also be your one-stop shop for information and important updates regarding those programs: