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UC Board of Review

Program Overview

The UC Board of Review is authorized, under Section 203 of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law, and has the responsibility to adjudicate appeals regarding eligibility for unemployment compensation throughout the commonwealth.
This activity is divided into two levels of authority, lower and higher.
The lower level of authority (Referee level) is responsible for processing and conducting appeal hearings on eligibility determinations issued by the UC service centers. This activity includes docketing appeals and documents for hearings, scheduling the hearings, conducting the hearings, preparation and issuance of Referee decisions.
The higher level of authority (Board level) is responsible for adjudicating appeals from Referee decisions. A three-member board adjudicates entitlement for UC benefits using testimony from the first level of appeal, additional documents, evidence and/or testimony received from the parties involved, as well as written legal briefs submitted by the parties.
The third step in the appeals process, which is not under the jurisdiction of the Board, is Commonwealth Court. Should there be a disagreement with the Board's decision, an appeal may be filed to Commonwealth Court (see back of Board decision).

Members of the Board

Richard W. Bloomingdale - Chairman
Wadud Ahmad - Member
Elena Cross - Member 

Appeals System Administrator

Melissa Stover, UC Appeals System Administrator
Room 1116 L&I Building
651 Boas Street
Harrisburg, PA 17121
Phone: 717-787-5122
Fax: 717-787-6125