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Using a Tax / Payroll Service

Many employers choose to use an accountant or tax service (Third Party Administrator) to assist with Unemployment Compensation (UC) tax reporting responsibilities.

The relationship between the employer (Client) and Third Party Administrator (TPA) must be documented electronically in the UC Management System (UCMS).  

In many cases, the TPA has already registered in UCMS, and has received a 10-digit TPA identifier (Representative Identifier). Employers using a TPA must electronically register the Power of Attorney relationship in UCMS by "assigning" the TPA to their account. The TPA must then log in to their own account and "accept" the association. This is called the "handshake."  

Upon completion of the electronic handshake, the TPA is authorized to represent the client for the service(s) designated.

View Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) showing the steps needed for the employer to add a TPA.

NOTE: TPAs representing employers for UC Benefit matters should log into their account in the UC system and upload a completed form UC-1208 (Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation (UC) Power of Attorney) according to these instructions.