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Mass Layoffs

Mass Layoff Assistance for Employers Experiencing a Plant Closing or Temporary Shutdown

Employers experiencing a mass layoff situation, plant closing, or a temporary shutdown can reduce the amount of time and paperwork responding to UC Service Center requests for information necessary to process UC claims.
Providing specific information by list to the Service Center prior to the employees’ separations can eliminate the need to fill out individual forms for each employee, benefiting you, and expediting the processing of the UC benefits for the workers.
You can learn more about this valuable service by calling the toll-free UC Benefit Services for Employers line at 833-728-2367 (UC Service Centers). A claims representative will answer questions concerning mass layoff assistance or other employer services. If the plant closing is permanent and includes 100 or more workers, Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act information is available.


The receipt of holiday and vacation pay by the worker affects his/her receipt of UC in the following ways:
Holiday pay is deductible from UC benefits for the week the holiday occurs, regardless of when the money is paid to the claimant. Holiday pay will be deducted if it exceeds a claimant’s partial benefit credit.
Vacation pay is only deducted if it exceeds the claimant’s partial benefit credit and the claimant has a definite date of recall. If the claimant is on a permanent or indefinite layoff, the vacation pay will not be deducted from the weekly benefit amount.
Employer Information Form (UC-1609) - This simple form can prevent delays and wrong financial determinations, and save your company money and time.