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Forms - Registration

The easiest and fastest way to register for a UC account number is electronically over the Internet using the Pennsylvania Business One Stop Shop.

PA-100, Section 14: Predecessor/Successor Information
This section is completed if the employer is wholly or partially succeeding a predecessor (prior owner).
PA-100, Section 14 Instructions

UC-15: Application for PA UC Experience Record and Reserve Account Balance of Predecessor
This section is completed if the employer is continuing essentially the same business activity as the predecessor and wants to apply for the predecessor's UC experience record and reserve account balance.

UC-16: Unemployment Compensation Partial Transfer Information
This section is completed if the employer acquired only part of the predecessor's PA business activity. If making application for the transfer and/or the transfer is mandated, this section must be completed so that the appropriate percentage of the predecessor's experience record and reserve account balance can be transferred to the successor.
UC-16 Instructions

UC-252: Replacement UC-2A For Partial Transfer
This form is used to list employee names, social security numbers, gross wages, and credit weeks when an employer is transferring part of his accumulated experience to another business.
UC-252 Instructions

Completed forms should be mailed to: Office of UC Tax Services, Registration and Document Management, Room 800, 651 Boas Street, Harrisburg, PA 17121.

Completed forms may also be emailed to the department.