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Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Services for Employers

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and economic security for Pennsylvania workers and businesses, encourage labor-management cooperation, and prepare the commonwealth workforce for the jobs of the future.
Labor & Industry Mission Statement

UC Service Centers

UC claim services are accessible to individuals on the internet at, or by calling 888-313-7284, connected to UC Service Centers located across the commonwealth. UC Service Centers provide a full range of services for state and federal UC programs, including taking initial applications for benefits, determining eligibility, processing biweekly claims and getting claimants connected to re-employment services. As part of the fact-finding process to determine claimant eligibility for UC benefits, UC Service Centers may send a questionnaire or call you directly for information.
As an employer, your business can receive prompt and courteous service on UC eligibility issues using the special employer services telephone number, 833-728-2367. This number allows employers to address claim or appeal issues as well as obtain general UC benefits information without going through the claimant service queues. Calls are routed to the appropriate UC Service Center based on the telephone exchange area from which calls are placed. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Reporting UC Fraud

To report potential UC program fraud, go to or call the UC Fraud Hotline at 800-692-7469.
Detection of improper UC benefit payments helps the department prevent or reduce erroneous benefit payouts, which, in turn, decrease the employer's unemployment compensation taxes. Employers can assist the department by always complying with the department's requests for information regarding UC claims, providing that information promptly, making certain the information given is as accurate and complete as possible, and contributing any other information that can help in the department's investigation to determine if benefits have been fraudulently paid.

Pennsylvania CareerLink®

Pennsylvania CareerLink® is your one-stop source for hiring qualified workers and finding labor market information, training programs and a range of other workforce services.
The UC program and PA CareerLinks® work together to address the workforce needs of businesses and workers. Our mutual goal is to return unemployed workers to the workforce as soon as possible.
PA CareerLink® services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online at For in-person service, the website also lists PA CareerLink® offices conveniently located throughout the commonwealth.

Employer Services

If you have any questions or concerns about the issues listed below, you may contact us by sending an email to LI, or call the Employer Information Line at 833-728-2367. Staff members will respond to your specific information requests about:
  • Benefit charges/credits to reserve accounts contained on Form UC-640, Monthly Notice of Compensation Charged
  • Protests to benefit charges filed with the department via Form UC-44FR, Request for Relief from Charges or filed by letter
  • Credits to reserve accounts due to subsequent approval of relief from charges or a claimant's ineligibility for UC and subsequent overpayment
  • Time limits for filing a request for relief from charges or an appeal to relief from charges determination
  • How to request relief from charges   
When contacting us about these issues, we may need:
  • Employer UC account number
  • Employer name
  • Claimant Social Security number (last 4 digits)
  • Claimant name
  • Claimant last day of work
  • Reason for separation 

UC Tax Services

The Office of UC Tax Services works with employers to help them comply with their obligations under the PA Unemployment Compensation Law. The office's services include:
  • Registering liable employers for UC taxes. Information, online registration for a variety of services, and forms are available at
  • Determining if the business is covered under UC law
  • Calculating employers' experienced-based tax rates
  • Processing quarterly tax reports and contributions. Employers can file their UC reports online and pay electronically at
  • Educating employers on how to contain costs
General UC tax information is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 866-403-6163.

PA Department of Labor & Industry Website

For all of your business information needs in Pennsylvania, please check out the Labor & Industry website at, or the commonwealth's E-Commerce website at These comprehensive sites are designed to serve both Pennsylvania's workforce and employers. You can find answers to frequently asked questions; review program laws and regulations, including those pertaining to UC; register your business; learn about special projects and initiatives going on statewide to help businesses grow and prosper, and download forms to expedite your service requests.

Quick Reference Guide to UC Program Employer Services

Benefit Appeals: 866-728-2367 (UC Service Centers) to obtain the location of the UC Board of Review office where an appeal has been assigned
Benefit Charge Issues: 833-728-2367 (Employer Information Center)
Claimant Not Known
or Claimant's Wages Incorrect
on Financial Determination:
833-728-2367 (UC Service Centers) to request a Wage Investigation to correct your records
Labor & Industry online:
Out-of-State Tax Services: 866-403-6163 (UC Tax Services)
CareerLink® online:
Pennsylvania E-Commerce:
Pennsylvania Tax Services:  Click on "Employers" 
Toll-free 866-403-6163 (UC Tax Services)
Relief from Charges: 833-728-2367 (Employer Information Center)
Tax Clearance:Toll free 866-403-6163 (UC Tax Services)
Tax Liability:Toll-free 866-403-6163 (UC Tax Services)
Tax Rates:Toll-free 866-403-6163 (UC Tax Services)
UC Benefit Services for
888-313-7284 (UC Service Centers)
UC Benefit Services for
 833-728-2367 (UC Service Centers)
UC Fraud Reporting: 800-692-7469 or
Corrections to Quarterly Tax and Wage Reports: Toll-free 866-403-6163 (UC Tax Services)
UCP-39 REV 05-19