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If you're eligible for UC, you'll be paid benefits biweekly (every other week) for a limited number of weeks. Typically, you'll be paid about half of what your full-time wage was before you became unemployed. The amount you're paid is your weekly benefit rate. Your weekly benefit rate is calculated based on what you earned during your base year.
The quarter during the base year in which you earned the most money is called your high quarter. The high quarter, in part, determines your weekly benefit rate.
Pennsylvania does not mail unemployment checks. You'll be paid either by direct deposit or you'll use a UC debit card.
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Direct deposit is the easiest and most convenient way to receive your benefits. To set it up, you'll need your bank account number and routing number, and the bank's address and telephone number.
Benefits will start going into your account after about four weeks. In the meantime, you'll get a UC debit card in the mail. The UC debit card works just like a regular bank card. Information you receive with your debit card and from this website will explain how you can use your UC debit card and never have to pay any fees.
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