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​New UC System: What You Need to Know

The UC system will start the offline period on May 30 through June 7


The UC system migration is complete. NEW CLAIMS and WEEKLY CLAIMS can now be filed at Note: Claimants seeking to file using the phone system can file June 10, 2021.

See below for a detailed timeline on how it may affect your filing schedule:

NewUCsystem_GoLiveProcess.png Access a printer friendly Go Live Timeline (PDF)

Red Circle.png No New Claims:

Anyone seeking to open a UC claim will be unable to do so during this time. They can file June 8 - 12 and will be granted backdating to May 30 if they were unemployed the week of May 30. 

Anyone who intended to open a claim on June 6 or 7 will not need backdating because their claim will be timely if they open it during the rest of the week. The claim effective date will be June 6. 

Orange Circle.png No Biweekly Claims: 

Current claimants will be unable to file using the online system or phone from June 3 to June 7. 

Claimants will be unable to file by phone during this time, through June 9. 

Teal Circle.png Filing Biweekly Claims: 

Current claimants will be able to file on four days, May 30 to June 2. This is a week earlier than usual for some people, so those individuals will only have to claim the week of May 29.

Teal Arrow.png New Filing:

Everyone can file new claim in the new system: Anyone seeking to file a new UC claim will be able to file on the new UC system. 

Everyone can file weekly claims in the new system: Anyone seeking to file weekly UC claims will be able to file on the new UC system. 

Everyone can file claims in the new system and in the new phone system: Anyone seeking to file a new or weekly UC claim will be able to file using the new phone system starting June 10. 

Note: If you file for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) by logging in with a username and password, you are not affected. 

The UC system needs to be taken offline to move information from the current mainframe to the new, improved system. During this time, you cannot file a new claim or complete your normal biweekly claim. 

You will be unable to access the current claims system starting Thursday, June 3, and the new system will become available on Tuesday, June 8. 

    • Everyone can file Sunday, May 30 through Wednesday, June 2 to claim the weeks ending on May 29 and before.
    • No one can file biweekly claims from Thursday, June 3 through Monday, June 7
    • No one can open a new unemployment claim from Sunday, May 30 through Monday, June 7. If you would have opened a claim from May 31 through June 5, we will backdate your claim for you to May 30.
    • The system is expected to be up and running again on Tuesday, June 8. At that time, everyone can file or open claims again.

Payments should not be delayed

Most claimants will not see a delay in their benefits because the offline period for claimants filing weekly claims. Offline period will fall from Thursday to Monday.

Phone lines are still available

The UC Call centers will keep the phones and email open while the system is offline. Some issues may not be able to be resolved until the new system is live, but they will be put in a queue for processing. The call centers will also help people who are having issues and be able to answer questions about the offline period and the new UC system.

Creating an account and log in

The new UC system will require a log-in using a Keystone ID and password. You might already have one from using a different Commonwealth of Pennsylvania online service.
If you don’t have a Keystone ID:

Claim filing is different in the new system

You won’t be able to file any claims from June 3 through June 7. Starting June 8:

​By Phone:
  • You should file every week instead of every other week

  • You will then get paid every week instead of every other week

  • You no longer have to file by Friday each week

  • Starting June 10, you can file weekly claims by phone. You will need to provide your SSN and PIN that you currently use to log into the UC system.

  • Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) Toll-free: 888-255-4728 or PAT Español: 877-888-8104

Find out more 

We are committed to helping you through this transition. You can find more resources and assistance below: