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​Unemployment Compensation Guide

This guide will provide helpful tools, information, and resources to walk you through the unemployment compensation process. The links on the right provide additional information that you'll need to file for unemployment benefits, including how to determine if you're eligible and helpful videos.

Federal CARES Act
Get the latest information and updates on what you need to know and do about the federal CARES Act and Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act.

Frequently Asked Questions
There are a variety of FAQs by subject available to help you with your unemployment questions, including specific FAQs on UC benefits & COVID-19.

Step-by-Step Self-Service Guide
The step-by-step self-service guide provides guidance and videos on how to file a regular unemployment compensation claim.

What to Expect After Filing
Check out our step-by-step infographic that illustrates the unemployment compensation process, starting with filing an initial claim.

What's Wrong with My Unemployment Claim? Troubleshooting Guide
If you're experiencing a delay or wondering where you are in the process, check out this helpful guide that provides common issues, possible reasons, and what actions to take.