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UC Debit Card

You can receive UC benefit payments either by debit card or direct deposit. If it is your first time filing for UC benefits, a debit card will be mailed to you after you have been determined financially eligible for benefits. The card will be mailed within three business days. 

Debit cards are valid for three years. If you already have a debit card from a previous claim, or reopen an existing claim, you will not receive a new debit card. You will continue to use the original debit card. 

If your card has expired or you no longer have your card, you will need to request a replacement card. To request a replacement card, call Money Network at 1-888-292-0059.  

If you have direct deposit, but prefer to receive your UC payments via debit card, you can submit a form to stop direct deposit at Direct Deposit of UC Benefits. A debit card will not be issued until this request has been processed, which generally takes two days. Also, confirm your mailing address, so the debit card is mailed to the correct location. 

If your card has expired or has been lost or stolen, contact Money Network at 1-888-292-0059. Visit the Debit Card FAQs for more information on the debit card program.   

If you require assistance with your U.S. Bank ReliaCard® please visit the ReliaCard information page.

I haven't received a debit card. What could be the issue? 

There are a variety of issues that could be the cause for why you haven't received a debit card. Below are some of the top reasons why you may not have received a debit card: 

  • Denied Claimants = No new debit card 
  • Claimants waiting for a wage investigation to be eligible = No new debit card 
  • Claimants with out of state wages = No debit card until wages are received and an eligible financial determination is issued 
  • Claimants with unverified identities = need to wait for verification before a financial determination is issued for a debit card to be issued 
  • Claimants with a matching home and business address = need to wait for manual processing by staff for a debit card to be issued 
  • Claimants who have had direct deposit payments within the last 12 months = No debit card