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I’ve Opened a UC Claim. What Happens Next?

Please read your UC Handbook: The handbook contains instructions on completing work registration/work searches, your biweekly filing requirement and other useful claims information. You may view this handbook online.

You will receive information for the following in the mail:

  • Claims Confirmation Letter: Keep this letter for the duration of the claim. This letter provides:
    • Your four-digit PIN to access your online account and file your bi-weekly claims. NEVER share your PIN with anyone, you are the only person who should know or use this number. Your PIN is your signature.
    • Your first bi-weekly filing date. If you do not file timely you may lose your eligibility for those weeks.
    • Work registration information on the back of this letter as well as the address of your local Careerlink® office.

  • Register for work at PA CareerLink®: You must FULLY register for work within 30 days from the date you filed your initial claim for benefits.
    • Register for employment search services offered by the Pennsylvania CareerLink® system at within 30 days after filing an application for UC benefits.
    • You must register with PA CareerLink® even if you get your job through a Union hiring hall.
    • If you fail to FULLY register with Pa CareerLink® within 30 days you will become ineligible for benefits.
    • You must conduct an active search for work during each week for which you claim benefits beginning with the third week.

  • Financial Determination: This document states your financial eligibility. Please read this carefully and keep through the duration of your claim. It provides:
    • Your application for benefits date (AB date) and the date your claim expires.
    • An outline of how we calculated your weekly benefit amount and your eligible credit weeks.
    • Information on how much you will receive if you are totally unemployed and how to estimate your partial benefit for part-time work.

If you wish to provide additional claim information to the UC Service Centers, you may do so by fax/email.