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PA CareerLink® offices are located throughout the commonwealth and provide a wide variety of reemployment services such as assistance with preparing a resume, instruction in job search techniques, services for veterans and job training. Find a local PA CareerLink® office near you. 

UC Service Center Contact Information

UC Service Center Contact Information
Toll Free: 888-313-7284/TTY Toll Free: 888-334-4046

Department of Labor & Industry
Office of Unemployment Compensation
651 Boas St., 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17121

Fax: 855-PAUCFAX (855-728-2329)

By participating in the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation (UC) program, you may receive text message alerts. This short messaging service (SMS) system is now available to notify you when a customer service representative is trying to contact you about your unemployment claim. Please note: This is an automated text message system and will not provide you with information/assistance about your claim. 


For questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages to find helpful answers and guidance. If your question is not in the list or you need more assistance, please contact us