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How You Can Lose Benefits

You may lose eligibility for benefits. The following are some of the possible ways you can be disqualified:

  • You fail, without good cause, to accept an offer of suitable work or refuse a referral to a job opportunity.
  • You voluntarily quit a job without good cause.
  • You do not register for employment-search services as required.
  • You do not fulfill your weekly work search requirements.
  • You are discharged from a job for willful misconduct.
  • You limit the number of hours that you will work.
  • You are not physically located within the United States.
  • You are incarcerated.
  • You fail to participate in mandatory reemployment services. The Profile Reemployment Program (PREP) and Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Program are designed to identify those claimants who are most likely to exhaust benefits and may need help in finding a new job. If you are selected for one of these programs, you must participate unless you are excused for having a good reason not to participate.
  • You withhold facts or give false information to receive or increase benefits. (See Overpayments and Collections.)
  • You are prosecuted or assigned penalty weeks for knowingly misrepresenting facts or knowingly withholding facts to obtain benefits. (See Overpayments and Collections.)

Requalifying For Benefits: If you are determined to be ineligible for benefits, you may be able to qualify at a later date. In some circumstances, you must obtain a new job and earn a certain amount of wages to requalify. Call the UC service center for more information on requalifying for benefits.

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