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​Third-Party Administrator Information

One of the benefits of the UC System is for employers to provide system access to a hired Third-Party Administrator (TPA), allowing the TPA to handle unemployment-related work on behalf of the employer.

These employer and TPA relationships in the system are no longer established through UC staff. Going forward, TPAs and employers will not submit paper power of attorney (POA) forms to establish or terminate their relationships.

Instead, TPAs and employers will utilize a self-service function to establish or terminate relationships online. The basic process is:

    1. The TPA initiates the request, which gets sent to the employer.
    2. The employer logs into the system and approves the request.
    3. If applicable, the TPA will connect to the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES).
Note: It is the employer's responsibility to activate and define TPA access privileges. Our staff will no longer be acting on behalf of the employer to complete this process. 

This self-service process documents the authorization for the TPA to act on behalf of the employer and allows us to eliminate cumbersome paper POA forms. This streamlined process is more efficient, allowing you and your clients to get established without having to wait for manual approvals or actions.

Get Started

Employer TPA Resource Guide - A walkthrough for employers to set up TPA access. 

Employer Reset Password Guide - A walkthrough for employers who need assistance resetting their account username or password. Employers should call the UC Service Center's employer line at 833-728-2367 to reset their password when the user ID is unknown.

Employer TPA Relationship Inactivation - A walkthrough for employers who need to revoke TPA access or for TPAs who need to inactive their relationship with an employer. 

Employer Quick Guide - A short guide offering additional contact methods for a variety of UC-related questions. 

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to call the UC Service Center's toll-free employer line at 833-728-2367, weekdays from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, or visit the Employer Contacts page.