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Report Fraud & Identity Theft

The Department of Labor & Industry’s (L&I) security vendor has identified additional phishing attempts and fraud scams leveraging social media, text messaging, and email to lure unsuspecting individuals into providing personal information so that the scammers can claim their identity. 

How To Report Fraud


  • Report UC Fraud - Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Report Fraud Here". Use this link to report Unemployment Compensation (UC) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) fraud activity.  
  • Report PUA Fraud - Use this link to report Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) fraud-related claims only. 

You may also want to file a police report with the municipality you resided in at the time the fraud occurred. A copy of the police report must be provided to the Office of Unemployment Compensation.

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The most recent scams include but are not limited to telling individuals they’ve won contests, won a cash prize, being eligible for monetary award for applying for benefits or offering an alternative or “faster” application or mobile app to apply for regular unemployment or PUA benefits.

This is just the latest of attempts from scammers to use personal information to apply for benefits, similar to the large fraud attempt in June in which L&I mailed the Notice of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Claim Filed to all claimants in the PUA system to provide further guidance if they did not submit a PUA application. This guidance still applies if you believe you have been targeted in the latest phishing attempts or scams.  

If you were a victim of ID Theft, it is very important to report the PUA fraud activity to the Department and return the money.  Doing so will remove these fraudulent payments from being reported as income on the end of the year 1099G distribution.

1099G Fraud Update

Fraud Notice: Because the 1099 forms are automatically generated for all claimants receiving unemployment compensation payments, the receipt of a 1099 form by a person who didn’t file for unemployment may indicate a case of identity fraud. If someone who didn’t file for unemployment receives what looks to be a 1099 tax form in the mail, they should report this suspected fraud immediately so L&I can correct their income with the IRS and prevent any issues with the victim’s taxes. The victim should not wait for a revised 1099 to file his/her taxes. Per the IRS, the victim can move forward with filing their taxes, reporting only their true income and not fraudulent income reported in their name. The victim does not need to complete the additional form normally required by the IRS for reporting identity theft.

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