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Report Fraud Here

(Please only report each incident once.)

Below you will find the different types of fraud that may be reported. By clicking on the link for a particular type of fraud, you will be directed to the applicable fraud reporting form. You may submit the completed form through this site or print the form and mail it directly to us. Should you prefer to telephone us with your information, please review the fraud reporting form to ensure you supply sufficient information at the time of your call. We thank you in advance for your assistance.

If the information you have does not fit into any of the categories below, please check this link to report any other types of fraud.

Report Identity Theft

Use the Identity Theft form to report when someone has filed for UC benefits using personal information such as your name, Social Security number, and date of birth without your knowledge or consent.

* form opens in new window/tab

Report Unemployment Claims Fraud

Use the Unemployment Claims Fraud form to report individuals collecting Pennsylvania UC benefits illegally. This may include persons who are working and not reporting their wages for PA UC benefit purposes; or persons who cannot work due to an illness, disability or incarceration.

* form opens in new window/tab

Report Unemployment Tax Fraud

Use the Unemployment Tax Fraud form to report employers who evade UC taxes. This type of fraudulent conduct may include:

  • Payment of wages under the table
  • Failure to register as an employer with the Department of Labor & Industry
  • Failure to report all employees or wages paid
  • Assisting an employee in filing a fraudulent claim for UC benefits

* form opens in new window/tab

While we appreciate your information, the Pennsylvania UC Law prevents the Department of Labor & Industry from disclosing an investigation or its results. However, we investigate all allegations that contain sufficient information to identify the suspected wrongdoer and the questionable activity.