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​Benefit Appeals

Important Information for UC Appeal Hearings

Parties scheduled for an in-person hearing may request a change to a telephone hearing; however, such a change will likely require rescheduling the hearing and cause a delay, and parties must provide a compelling reason for such a request.  All requests should be made in writing as soon as possible prior to the hearing date and should include the reason(s) for the request. The Appeals Referee will decide whether to grant or deny the request; however, participants should plan to attend the hearing as originally scheduled unless they are otherwise notified of a change or continuance by the referee's office.

UC Referee Offices are also scheduling some appeal hearings for parties to participate via telephone; however, parties may request to participate in person.  Parties scheduled for a telephone hearing who desire to attend the hearing in person should notify the referee's office in advance of the hearing.  

Hearing notices for telephone hearings, along with exhibits to be used at the hearing, will be delivered to the parties (claimant, employer, and Department) via their preferred method of communication selected in the UC System, either US Postal Service, Email and/or the Message Center. The hearing exhibits are available to be viewed electronically in the UC System by the parties. Exhibits for in-person hearings will also be available in the referee’s office in paper form for the party to review prior to the hearing.

General Information

Under Article V of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law, the Department of Labor & Industry must examine promptly each application for benefits and determine whether the application is valid. In order to ensure that every individual is given an opportunity for a fair hearing, the law also provides for an appeal process to allow interested parties to object to an unemployment compensation determination or decision.


Whether you are the claimant or the employer, you may file your own appeal to a UC Referee or the UC Board of Review (Board) and represent yourself before the Referee or the Board, or you may have an attorney or any other advocate represent you. If you are a claimant and you qualify, free legal assistance may be available from the legal services organization serving your area, your local bar association or a law school clinic.

Wage Protest

Do you have missing wages, or is your financial determination missing an employer? You have the right to file a wage protest.

A wage protest applies to financial determinations only. If you plan to file a wage protest, it must be done no later than 21 calendar days after the mail date provided on the determination. This date is also clearly indicated as the final day to file a timely appeal.

A wage protest is a process by which you can begin an investigation if you disagree with your financial determination. Wage protests allow the department to review the record and often make changes, without a Referee hearing or a formal appeal. After the investigation is complete, the wage protest is closed. A revised financial determination will be issued. If we are unable to make revisions, another financial determination is still issued, often with a letter of explanation of the findings. If you disagree with the newly issued determination, you will have a another 21-day period to file an appeal.

To begin a wage protest, login to your UC dashboard at, look for the Unemployment Services widget and click “More Unemployment Services.” Then, click “File a Wage Protest” and follow the prompts. Be prepared to upload proof of earnings such as W2s and paystubs, for the period in question.

There are three levels of UC benefits eligibility appeals:

1. UC Service Center Determination: You may appeal a UC Service Center determination to a Referee no later than 21 calendar days after the determination date provided on the notice of determination.

Appeal a UC Service Center Determination to a UC Referee

2. UC Referee Decision: You may appeal a Referee decision to the Board no later than 21 calendar days after the determination date provided on the notice of determination.

Appeal a Referee Decision to the UC Board of Review

3. UC Board of Review Decision: You may appeal a UC Board of Review decision to the Commonwealth Court within 30 days of the mailing date of the Board decision.

Appeal a UC Board of Review Decision to the Commonwealth Court

The information provided on this site does not constitute a determination of eligibility to receive unemployment compensation.