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What is is our trusted and federally-certified technology partner for secure digital identity verification. helps make sure you're you — and not someone pretending to be you — when you request access to your benefits.'s online identity verification service is available 24-hours per day, 7 days a week. Most claimants are able to complete their identity verification using a self-guided process that takes a few minutes.

For more information, please visit Verifying My Identity - Pennsylvania.

To verify your identity: 

  1. Visit the UC dashboard and click the "Sign In/Register" button as shown. 
  1. Sign in with an existing PA username and password or click the "Create a User Account" button to register. 
  1. Next, confirm your information. 
  1. Confirm you are submitting a new Unemployment Compensation Claim. 
  1. When prompted, click "Verify with" to create an account or use your existing account. Existing account holders are quickly redirected back to the UC application after logging into their account. Do NOT create a new account with different information if you already have a previously created account. If you have forgotten your login information, use the "forgot password" option on the sign-in page.  

Steps to Verify Your Identity through Tips and Tricks


  • Use the same account for PA Unemployment as any other service that requires an account.
  • Make sure photos or scans of identity documents are clear and legible (well-lit, not blurry). 
  • Make sure that your video selfie is conducted in a well-lit space. Turning the brightness level all the way up on your device before taking your selfies may help.  
  • Provide a verifiable phone number if prompted by This phone number should be a mobile or landline that is registered in your name. Prepaid phone service numbers will not work with verification purposes unless the number is registered with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint. Voice over IP numbers like Google voice will not work. If you do not have a verifiable phone number, you can still complete the identity verification, but you may need to speak to a live representative. 


  • Create a new account with different information if you have previously created an account.
  • Upload the same document twice. You must upload a separate document for each category.  
  • Upload an expired form of identification. Expired documents will not be accepted.  
  • Use photocopies. All documents submitted must be originals.
  • Attempt to certify your identity more than once. Doing so could result in further processing delays. 
  • Attempt the process more than one time. Doing so could result in further processing delays. 

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How to Correctly Upload Documents for Video Call Verification

I Need Help, What Do I Do? 

If the self-guided process is not successful, you will need to verify your identity on a live video call with an representative, also called an Trusted Referee (TR). Wait times for these video calls are currently averaging under 30 minutes. has offered these tips for managing long wait times.

If you need additional help completing your identity verification, please visit the website. If you do not have the appropriate technology to complete the process, please contact us.

Why do I need a Trusted Referee? 

There are a number of reasons why you may need to contact a Trusted Referee to continue the verification process. You will see the screen below and be asked to proceed to a TR due to potential issues which could include: 

    • An expired driver's license  
    • The picture on your ID is blurry or can't be seen 
    • Your utility bill is older than 60 days  
    • You have a name mismatch (maiden vs. married)

Important Terms and Abbreviations - Our technology partner to secure digital identity verification
TR - Trusted Referee ( representative)
 - Unemployment Compensation program 
L&I - Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry