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​Unemployment Benefits

Please visit L&I's Important Information page for alerts and other details, which may affect your PA UC Claim.


Federal civilian employees residing in Pennsylvania and working for a federal agency in another state must contact that state to file an initial claim.

Federal employees who are laid off as a result of the federal government shutdown may file applications for UC benefits. We encourage filing online on this site. After you log in to file an application, you will receive further instructions specific to the federal shutdown. If you are not able to file online, please call the Pennsylvania UC Service Center at 1-888-313-7284.

The Federal Government has classified Federal employees into two groups:

  • Employees that will not be reporting to work and will not be paid by their federal employers. This group is considered to be furloughed and may be eligible for unemployment compensation.
  • Employees that are required to report to work but will not be paid for services performed after December 21, 2018. Because these individuals will be working full time, they will not be considered unemployed or furloughed. These employees are not eligible for unemployment compensation.

Federal employees furloughed as a result of the federal shutdown should be prepared to provide paystubs beginning with July 2017 to facilitate filing of applications. Pay stubs submitted to apply wages to a claim are used as an affidavit until the wages are received/verified by the employer.

Individuals who are awarded back wages by their employer, for the same weeks they received unemployment compensation benefits, will be subject to repayment of the unemployment compensation benefits.

The federal shutdown will not affect payment of regular UC or TRA benefits.

As a reminder, federal withholding can be taken from the claim (10%) or paid later at tax time.

When you return to work, stop filing for the week(s) in which you are resuming your normal work hours (even if you are not being paid).