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​​​​​​​Unemployment Compensation (UC) Videos

We've created videos to help guide you through Pennsylvania's UC process and to provide helpful information on how to navigate and complete necessary steps for UC benefits.

How to Start a New Claim 

This video provides a brief overview on how to start a new claim online.

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How to Reopen a UC Claim Explained

This video explains that a UC claim is valid for a full year and details the process for how to reopen an existing claim.

Weekly Claim Explained

Here is a quick guide on what happens after you file your initial claim and a reminder to file weekly. Similar to working for a week or two and getting a paycheck a few days/weeks later, Unemployment Compensation works the same way. 

After the week is over, you tell us if you were unemployed and then we send payments if you are eligible. No matter which day you submit your claim – Sunday through Saturday – it will be effective Sunday, with anywhere from 18-26 full weeks of payments available during your benefit year. 

Next Sunday, you will use your PIN to certify if you were unemployed for the most recently completed week and answer several questions. You will do this either online or by using PAT, and you have from Sunday through Saturday of that week to complete this task.

The Next Step After an Initial Claim - Weekly Claims

This video is a quick overview of what happens after you file an initial claim and receive your confirmation letter and PIN to start filing weekly claims.

Filing a weekly claim confirms your unemployment status for the week you’re filing and requests payment for the weeks​ you didn’t work or for reduced hours. The best way to file your weekly claim is online.

Adjudication Process - What happens when there is an issue with your claim 

This video provides an overview of what happens if there is an issue with your claim and how the UC Adjudication process works.