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​Delinquency Resolution

Employers who are or may fall behind in filing their UC tax and wage reports and/or in paying their UC obligations should promptly contact the Office of UC Tax Services (UCTS) to address the delinquency or potential for a delinquency.

The UCTS Collections Support staff can assist employers in filing outstanding quarterly tax and wage reports and advise of payment options. If an employer cannot pay the balance due in full, a payment plan and/or application for agreement to compromise of interest/penalty may be submitted for consideration. Addressing delinquencies can save an employer money on future tax liabilities and reduce the likelihood of the adverse consequences mentioned below.

Employers having difficulty meeting their UC tax obligations should immediately contact the UCTS Collections Support staff at 412-565-5121. The phone message will be returned within 2 business days.

Failure to address the delinquencies will have adverse consequences such as:


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