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Wage Reporting
Coverage/Multistate Employment
Mandatory Postings for Pennsylvania Employers

Several of the UC forms are Acrobat files that employers can download and fill in on their computers. Unless otherwise stated, Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or later provides the best results. These forms can be completed in several easy steps:

  • Open the PDF form in Acrobat Reader. If you wish to save the blank form to your hard drive and open it at a later time, you should use the "Save a Copy" button within the Adobe application instead of the "Save" button on your Internet browser.
  • Once the form is open, click on the desired entry field and a blinking cursor appears.
  • After the information has been entered in the entry field, tab to the next field.
  • After all the fields have been completed, print out the page using the Print button within Acrobat.
  • Completed PDF forms cannot be saved or attached to e-mail messages.

NOTE: Users with Adobe Acrobat Professional as opposed to the Free Acrobat Reader, CAN save entered data for later use as well as submit completed forms via e-mail.