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Benefit Eligibility

You and your employer will be given an opportunity to provide information with regard to any eligibility issues that arise on your application for UC benefits. This information may be gathered during a telephone interview or by a specially designed form to address the issue under review.

If you are receiving benefits when an eligibility issue is identified, you will receive the "Advance Notice form" to notify you that your receipt of benefits is being reviewed and that your eligibility for benefits may be affected. You will continue to receive benefits unless a written decision of ineligibility is issued.

The fact-finding interview is your opportunity to tell your view of the facts to the UC representative. At that time, you have the right to present information to clarify the eligibility issue or to rebut information presented by another party. If you are scheduled for an interview, you are required to be available at the scheduled date and time. If there is a good reason why you are unable to receive the call, it is your responsibility to call the UC representative immediately and arrange another interview.

The following are some of the disqualifying provisions of the Pennsylvania UC Law.