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Self-Service Step-by-Step Instructions

Where Do I Start?

If you have questions about unemployment or are experiencing an issue, start with the following two resources. These self-service options can provide lots of information about eligibility, what to expect after filing and many more commonly asked questions.

What Can I Do Online?

Unemployment Compensation

In the new Unemployment Compensation system, claimants may access the UC Dashboard to file claims, access claim information, file an appeal, check payment status and more. To get started, visit our resource page to review video tutorials, workshop recordings, and PDF user-guides. Note: All users will need a Keystone ID and password to access the new UC system. 

If you no longer wish to continue receiving unemployment benefits (for example because you have become fully employed), simply stop filing your weekly certifications. If you then become unemployed again before your claim has expired, please reopen your claim from the UC Dashboard. 

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

You need to call the UC Service Center if you:

  • Filed online and the system tell you to call in
  • Have a pre-scheduled telephone interview with a UC representative to review your eligibility
  • If you didn't receive a debit card or are having issues related to your debit card please call ReliaCard at 1-888-233-5916.