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Duration of Payments

How long can I receive benefits?

If you are eligible for UC, you may receive benefits until you have been paid the maximum benefit amount (MBA) allowed on your claim or until your benefit year has expired.

  • Your benefit year expires one year (52 weeks) after your application for benefits (AB) date.  
  • Your MBA is your weekly benefit rate (WBR) multiplied by the number of credit weeks in your base year. However, you must have at least 18 credit weeks to qualify for benefits, and your MBA may not exceed 26 times your WBR. Your Notice of Financial Determination will indicate the MBA for which you are eligible ranging from 18 to 26 times your WBR.


Weekly Benefit Rate Credit Weeks Maximum Benefits Allowed (MBA)
$300 18 $5,400
$300 19 $5,700
$300 20 $6,000
$300 21 $6,300
$300 22 $6,600
$300 23 $6,900
$300 24 $7,200
$300 25 $7,500
$300 26 $7,800

The information provided on this site does not constitute a determination of eligibility to receive unemployment compensation.