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Partial Benefit Credit

You may work part-time and earn up to 30 percent of your weekly benefit rate in each claim week before your earnings affect your weekly benefit payment. This 30 percent of your weekly benefit rate is your "partial benefit credit." Any amount that you earn over the partial benefit credit earned in a week will be deducted from your weekly benefit rate dollar-for-dollar. When reporting earnings for a calendar week, always give the actual amount of gross earnings. The amount is rounded up to the highest dollar amount (i.e., $76.07 = $77) when determining the amount payable for the week.
The following example shows how the partial benefit credit works:
A person becomes unemployed and applies for UC benefits, and is determined to have a weekly benefit rate of $200. With a weekly benefit rate of $200, the partial benefit credit is $60 (30% of $200 = $60). This means that the claimant could earn up to $60 in part-time employment and still receive the full $200 in UC benefits for that week.
After being unemployed for a few weeks, the claimant found a part-time job that pays $99.25 (rounded up to $100) a week. The claimant is required to report the gross amount of part-time earnings when filing for benefits. The easiest way to figure the amount of benefits payable to the claimant for the week is to add the weekly benefit rate and the partial benefit credit together and subtract the weekly earnings.
$200 + $60 = $260 - $100 = $160
(Rounded Up)
In this example, if the claimant had earnings of $260 or more in any given week, there would be no benefits payable for that week.
Earnings are to be reported in the week earned, not in the week in which they were paidAll earnings must be reported, even if they are less than the partial benefit credit.