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Benefit Appeal FAQs

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How do I file an appeal?

Is there a time limit to file an appeal?

How do I prepare for a UC Referee hearing?

How do I request a telephone hearing?

Do I need an attorney to appear with me at the hearing?

How do I request a continuance (postponement) of my hearing?

How do I request a subpoena?

How do I request an interpreter or other accommodation?

How do I withdraw my appeal?

How do I submit additional information or request a reopening of the record after my hearing was held?

When will I receive my Referee or Board decision?

I won my appeal with the Referee. How long until I receive my benefit payments?

I missed my hearing. How do I request another hearing before the Referee?

Can I request an additional hearing if my case is appealed to the Board?

How do I request a copy of the record of my hearing?

How do I file a brief?

What is the next step if I do not receive a favorable decision from the Board?

Can I request a different Referee?