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Unemployment Compensation and Benefit Year Ending (BYE) Date

Individuals receiving benefits through the Unemployment Compensation (UC) program and its two extensions, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and Extended Benefits (EB), may need to re-file their claim at the end of their benefit year (BYE date), which falls exactly one year after they initially applied for UC benefits. 

The “BYE date” is the date when an individual’s unemployment compensation (UC) claim ends — after a claim’s BYE date passes, you cannot collect any additional benefits on that claim. 

New claim applications will be the same as when you filed the previous year. Internally, when our UC team receives the application, they will review it to see if you are eligible for a new UC claim. 

Depending on the individual’s circumstances, our staff may take time to research, so individuals should anticipate a potential delay in their weekly benefits when their benefit year ends. 

For many individuals, there will be no delay in benefits. L&I has been preparing for the surge in benefit-years ending and is doing everything possible to keep these delays to a minimum. Note: The benefit year begins on Sundays and ends on Saturdays.

​Should You Reapply for Benefits?

If a claimant is eligible for a new UC claim, they will return to the UC program, regardless of if they were receiving benefits through PEUC, EB, or PUA at their benefit year-end.

If a person is not eligible for a new UC claim, they will be returned to the program they received benefits through and will finish their remaining weeks. Because of the additional weeks provided by PEUC, EB, and PUA, most claimants who filed during the pandemic will still have eligible weeks to claim.

Once an individual has exhausted all of their eligible weeks, they cannot receive additional benefits if they have not worked enough to qualify for a new UC claim.
Our staff has been partnering with PA CareerLinks® to identify individuals who are reaching the end of their unemployment benefits and to provide individualized employment services to assist them with rejoining the workforce. While L&I cannot approve any individuals for claim weeks for which they are not eligible, we make every effort to reduce hardship by connecting them with other non-unemployment services. 

If you are still unemployed when your claim reaches its BYE date, you may qualify for extended benefits under federal programs or for an entirely new claim, based on your work history and non-self-employment wages earned since filing your initial claim. For example:

  • If you have not worked for an employer OR have worked for an employer but have NOT earned 6 times your weekly benefit rate since filing your initial claim: The system will have you file a new claim if it sees that you have enough wages in your base year to qualify.  When asked, you should indicate your true last date of work – even if it matches what you previously entered when you opened your claim – and also indicate that you have not earned 6x your weekly benefit amount since opening your claim. When staff review, this will indicate to them that you do not qualify for that new claim and should continue filing on an extension claim.  Remember that when you file for weekly benefits, you do not have to select which claim you are filing on; the system will take the weeks your file and place them in the correct location.
  • If you have worked for an employer AND earned 6 times your weekly benefit rate since filing your initial claim: You must file a new claim. If you continue to claim on an expired claim, your benefits may be stopped. If you need to file a new claim, the best way to file a new claim for benefits is online at File an Initial Claim.  Alternatively, you can also file a new claim by calling the UC Service Center at 888-313-7284. Once a new claim is filed, we will determine if (1) you are eligible for a new UC claim, or (2) you may continue to receive extended benefits on your existing claim. 

Many PUA claimants were self-employed and therefore did not qualify for UC in the first place. These individuals have no wages on file with L&I and would not need to open a UC claim at this time. However, some individuals are on PUA because they had traditional, W-2 type employment but not enough to qualify for the regular UC program.  Individuals who have been working for traditional W-2 wages during the last year may now qualify for a new regular UC claim. In that scenario, the individuals should stop filing weekly claims on PUA and open a UC claim. Other PUA claimants who remain unemployed should continue filing on PUA.

BYE Frequently Asked Questions

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Important Terms and Abbreviations

UC - Unemployment Compensation program 
PEUC - Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, an extension of the UC program 
EB - Extended Benefits, an extension of the UC program 
BYE date - Benefit Year End date (ends exactly one year after individuals first apply for UC benefits) 
PUA - Pandemic Unemployment Assistance 
L&I - Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry