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PAT Information

What is PAT?

Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) is the department's telephone claim filing system. The toll-free number is 888-255-4728.

If you have access to a touch-tone or pay touch-tone telephone, or a touch/pulse switchable telephone, call PAT to file your claim for UC benefits. You do not need to have a touch-tone service to use PAT. All that is necessary is a push-button telephone with a TONE/PULSE switch. After PAT answers your call, be sure to set the switch to "TONE."

If you need the help of an interpreter, please contact the UC Service Center.

As a result, claims filed using PAT may require UC Customer Service Center staff review and may not be paid automatically.

PAT Hours of Operation

PAT services are available Sunday through Saturday 24 hours a day.

*PAT is available on all holidays.

If you get a busy signal, please try again.

Filing a Weekly Claim

PAT will begin by asking if your address has changed and if you want to file for the week specified. In addition, PAT will ask you questions regarding any work performed, if any holiday pay or vacation pay was designated for that week and if you were able and available for work. You will answer each question by pressing "1" for "yes" and "2" for "no" on your telephone keypad.

View a list of the PAT questions.

PAT will inform you that your claim has been accepted or that your answers have been saved. If you meet all eligibility requirements, your claim will be processed immediately.

What's Needed When Calling PAT

You will need the following when calling PAT to file a claim for benefits:

  • access to a touch-tone telephone or a push-button telephone with a tone-pulse switch;
  • your Social Security number;
  • your PIN (personal identification number);
  • a pen and paper to note important information.

How Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) Works: You must use your PIN to claim UC benefits through PAT. Your PIN and Social Security Number identify you when you call. Your PIN protects you from another person trying to claim your benefits or someone else obtaining information about your claim. Your PIN has the same legal authority as your signature. Do NOT give your PIN to anyone. Do not lose the document containing your PIN.

Important: If you think someone else knows your PIN,  or if you have forgotten your PIN, call the UC Service Center to request a new PIN be mailed to you.

Pennsylvania Teleclaims-PAT Directory

Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) is an automated self-service system used by persons with access to a touch-tone telephone to file weekly UC claims, access specific benefit payment information, or learn about the commonwealth's UC program, without the intervention of an agent.

PAT Telephone Numbers
PAT Toll free 888-255-4728
Español - PAT 877-888-8104

TTY Weekly Filing

You may file your weekly claims using TTY. Click here for more information.​​​​​​​