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What you'll need for your Shared-Work Application:

Operation Planning:

  • Identify work unit(s) by name that will have a uniform reduction of hours
  • Determine the reduction percent that each unit will work each week
  • Choose the Sunday start date that hours will be reduced (at least two weeks after the date that you submit your plan application.)
  • Select an estimated Saturday date for the work reduction to end
Employee Information:

  • Prepare a list of all employees in each affected work unit
      • Include employee name, Social Security number, normal work hours and work hours under the reduction percentage
      • Include employees that may return from FMLA or other absence from work during the reduction period (employees may not be added to an approved Shared-Work plan)
  • Identify any weeks where any unit will be offered less hours than the reduction percentage due to plant shut down, holiday, or other scheduled event
  • Prepare a short statement that explains how the Shared-Work plan will be implemented in your business and what, if any changes will be made to health and retirement benefits and training
  • If any part of the unit is part of a collective bargaining unit, the union must provide written approval for each unit
Apply Online:
  • To access the Shared-Work Web Application to apply and manage your active Shared-Work applications (plans); create Keystone ID for the UC Tax Management system (UCMS). This may be completed with the assistance of your payroll or accounting department.

Shared-Work Eligibility:

In order to qualify for this program, an employer must meet all of the following requirements:
  • The employer has filed all quarterly UC tax reports (and other reports required under the PA UC Law)  
  • Paid all contributions, reimbursements, interests and penalties due through the date of the employer’s application
  • If the employer is contributory, the employer’s reserve account balance must be a positive number
  • The employer has paid wages for the 12 completed, consecutive calendar quarters preceding the date of the employer’s application

How to Apply

Need to Modify Your Plan?

  • You can request to modify your plan anytime through UCMS. Select "Shared-Work" on the left navigation toward the bottom, then select the green "Manage Shared-Work" button. All changes to the plan application must comply with UC Law and be approved by the department. 

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