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Shared-Work Eligibility & Employer Responsibilities

Shared-Work allows you, the employer, to retain your workforce during a temporary slowdown and then quickly ramp up operations without the expense of recruiting, hiring and training new employees. At the same time, Shared-Work helps to protect your employees from the financial hardship of a full layoff. 

Employees covered by a Shared-Work plan receive a percentage of their Unemployment Compensation (UC) Weekly Benefit Rate while they work a reduced schedule, if they are otherwise eligible for UC.

Program Eligibility
Employer Agreements
​Must have at least two (2) participating employees in the program that are determined to be financially eligible for UC. Employees must not be employed on a seasonal, temporary, or intermittent basis. Employees must not be corporate officers.
​You will not hire new employees in, or transfer employees to, the affected unit during the period of the Shared-Work plan.
​Must have employees that have worked at least three (3) months in the affected unit and will not work over 40 hours a week once hours are reduced.
​You will not lay off participating employees during the effective period of the Shared-Work plan or reduce participating employees' hours of work by more than the reduction percentage during the effective period of the Shared-Work plan (except during holidays, designated vacation periods, equipment maintenance or similar circumstances.).
​Must have filed all Unemployment Compensation tax reports and paid all amounts due under PA UC Law.
​You must continue to provide health and retirement benefits to participating employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
​Must have a positive reserve balance (for contributory employers).
​Implementation of the Shared-Work plan is in lieu of layoffs that would affect at least 10 percent of the employees in the affected unit and would result in an equivalent reduction in work hours.
​Must have paid wages for the last 12 completed, consecutive quarters.
​The reduction percentage will not change during the period of the Shared-Work plan unless a modification to the plan is approved by the department.

You can check your UC Tax eligibility for Shared-Work through the Unemployment Compensation Management System (UCMS), select "Shared-Work" in the left navigation and your tax review will populate.

Learn more about the UCMS and how to register as an employer. 

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