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Pennsylvania’s Shared-Work Program Keeps You Working

The Shared-Work program allows your employer to temporarily reduce the work hours of a group of employees as an alternative to a layoff.  If you are an employee that participates in a Shared-Work plan you will work reduced hours and collect a portion of Unemployment Compensation (UC) benefits. Through this program, you’ll maintain a higher income than UC alone and keep your health insurance and supplemental benefits.

Benefits of participating in a Shared-Work plan:

  • Retain your job
  • Maintain a higher income than with partial UC benefits alone
  • Retain your health insurance and retirement benefits
  • Maintain your employment skills
  • Continue building job tenure and be available for advancement opportunities

Eligibility to participate in Shared-Work:

  • You have been employed in the affected unit for at least three (3) months; and
  • You work less than 40 hours a week under the approved percentage reduction.
 Graphic of Shared-work employee benefits, text included above

Benefit Payments through Shared-Work

For each week you work in the Shared-Work plan, you’ll receive a percentage of your Weekly Benefit Rate based on the percentage of your work hours are reduced between 20 to 40 percent. For example, if your weekly benefit rate is $400 and your hours are reduced by 20 percent under the plan, you would receive 20 percent of $400 or $80 in Shared-Work UC. Other deductions may apply.
If the Shared-Work plan ends, but your hours remain reduced, you may apply for regular unemployment benefits.

Shared-Work Comparison to Regular UC

 Shared-WorkRegular UC
Must be financially eligible for UCX
Must serve an unpaid waiting weekXX
Must be able and available for workX
Must register with PA CareerLink® 
Must conduct regular work searches 
Subject to deductions such as
child support or previous UC overpayments


Subject to benefit reductionsX
May have Federal taxes withheldX
Must report earnings from
part-time employment
Benefits payable via direct deposit
or UC debit card
Payment info available on UC websiteX
Who files biweekly claims?EmployerClaimant

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