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Pennsylvania’s Shared-Work Program Keeps You Working

Shared-Work allows your employer to keep you employed during a slowdown while providing you significantly more benefits compared to if your hours were reduced and you applied for partial UC benefits.

Your employer will reduce the hours which you work during a week while dividing the remaining work among all the employees. You will receive a percentage of your Shared-Work benefits while you work the reduced hours. Meanwhile, you will keep any health insurance and other supplemental benefits that were in place before your hours are reduced.

Graphic of Shared-work employee benefits, text included above(click image to expand)

Benefits of participating in a Shared-Work plan:

  • Retain your job
  • Maintain a higher income than with partial UC benefits alone
  • Retain your health insurance and retirement benefits
  • Maintain your employment skills
  • Continue building job tenure and be available for advancement opportunities

Employee Requirements to participate in Shared-Work:

  • You have been employed in the affected unit for at least three (3) months
  • You are financially eligible
  • You work less than 40 hours a week under the approved percentage reduction. Additionally, if the number of hours you were paid in a week differs from your plan hours, it is possible that your employee(s) may not be paid Shared-Work benefits for that week per PA UC Law.
  • At your employer’s direction, you must successfully file an initial application online at unless you already have a current claim that can be reactivated. However, it is recommended that you reopen your current UC claim online, to provide the Department with your most up-to-date information.
  • Remember: The first eligible claim week will not be paid. This is called the waiting week. If you had an active UC claim before the Shared-work plan begins, and you have already served your waiting week during that benefit year, you do not have to serve another waiting week when the Shared-Work plan begins.

Shared-Work Comparison to Regular UC

 Requirements Shared-Work Regular UC
Must file a new initial application or have an active UC claim X
Must be financially eligible for UC X
Must serve an unpaid waiting week X X
Must be able and available for work X
Must register with PA CareerLink®  
Must conduct regular work searches  
Subject to deductions such as
child support or previous UC overpayments


Subject to benefit reductions X
May have Federal taxes withheld X
Must report earnings from
part-time employment
Benefits payable via direct deposit
or UC debit card
Payment info available on UC website X
Who files weekly certifications? Employer Claimant

Learn more in our Employee Frequently Asked Questions.

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