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Federal Civilian Employees (UCFE)

UC for Federal Civilian Employees (UCFE)

Unemployment benefits may be payable, as set forth in the federal law (5 U.S.C. 8501 et seq.) if you were a former federal civilian employee and:
  • your last official duty station was in Pennsylvania;
  • you are a resident of Pennsylvania and your last official duty station was outside of the U.S.; or
  •    you were employed in Pennsylvania after separation from your federal employer.
Because your wage information while you were a federal employee is not immediately available, you need to provide supporting documentation to the UC service center. Supporting documentation should include:
  • Standard Form 8, Notice to Federal Employe About Unemployment Compensation;
  • Standard Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action, or its equivalent and;
  • other documents such as Form W-2, Withholding Tax Statement, and/or pay stubs.
You should mail copies, not originals, of all necessary documents to the UC service center as soon as those documents are available to you. However, you should not delay filing an initial application for benefits and should continue to file weekly claims for benefits.
Note: Failure to provide sufficient information (e.g., pay stubs) to certify your earnings during the fifteen (15) month period prior to your separation from work will delay payment of your claim until your actual earnings are provided by your federal employer.
Your supporting documentation will be used to establish financial eligibility, subject to correction upon receipt of information from the federal agency. Benefit payments made may need to be adjusted after receipt of information from the federal agency. Any amount of underpayment of benefits will be adjusted promptly, and any amount of overpayment of benefits may have to be repaid or offset against future benefits.
The information provided on this site does not constitute a determination of eligibility to receive unemployment compensation.