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Monthly Notice of Benefit Charges

Notifying an Employer of Benefits Charged to an Account

A statement of benefit payments, Form UC-640, Monthly Notice of Compensation Charged, is sent monthly to covered employers. This monthly statement of amounts notifies the employer that a particular individual has been paid benefits during the previous month. It also indicates the amount paid to the individual, the percentage of the benefit payment for which the employer is charged, and the amount charged to the employer's reserve account. The UC-640 is also used to notify the employer when credits are issued to the reserve account.
An employer should thoroughly review this statement to ensure that charges have been accurately applied. In addition, the employer should examine the weeks for which benefits were paid. Particular attention should be given to comparing weeks the claimant worked or could have worked, with the weeks for which benefits were paid.
If discrepancies appear, the employer should immediately contact the UC Benefits' Employer Information Center at 833-728-2367. The statements should be retained as part of the employer's records.