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UC Benefit Information 


Filing a Benefit Claim

Any individual who is unemployed may file a claim for UC benefits. However, the person who files a claim is not necessarily eligible for unemployment benefits. Specific benefit eligibility requirements must be met before benefits can be paid.

Base Year

Under the Pennsylvania UC Law, a base year is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters prior to the quarter in which the claim was filed. For example, if a claim is filed in April, May or June, the base year period is the four calendar quarters which comprise the previous calendar year. The amount of wages received and credit weeks earned during the base year is used to determine if the individual meets the earnings requirements of the Law.

A financial determination (Form UC-44F) which reflects all base-year employers, base-year wages paid and the amount of benefits the claimant may be entitled to receive, is issued to the claimant and each base-year employer. The determination shows the wages reported by the claimant's employer(s) for the base-year period and indicates whether the claimant meets wage and credit week requirements.