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Filing for Unemployment Compensation FAQs

In light of the federal stimulus legislation, this guidance is under review and will be updated when guidance is released from the federal government.

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​I am a Pennsylvania resident laid off from a job in another state, where should I file a claim for unemployment benefits?

​I need to back date my claim for weeks I was unable to claim in the UC application during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do I get paid for those missed weeks?

​I was laid off last month and didn't file an Application for Benefits right away. Can I get paid for those weeks?

​I’m collecting severance pay from my employer. Should I wait until I’m no longer collecting severance pay to file my application?

​I received a new full-time job. Do I need to report this to the UC service center?

​When do I receive a personal identification number (PIN), the UCP-1 (UC handbook), and a UC debit card?

​How can I check the status of my initial claim?

​I don't live in Pennsylvania, but worked there, and need to file for unemployment. Where should I file for benefits?

​My name has changed. How can I change it on my claim?

​How long does my claim stay open?

Can I re-open my claim myself?

​Can I cancel my claim after opening it?

​When do I use a PIN number?

​I am a naturalized or authorized worker. How should I submit my documentation to receive unemployment benefits?

How does severance, separation or salary continuation pay affect my UC benefits?

Will receiving a pension make me ineligible for UC benefits?

May I collect UC benefits while attending school?