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Quickly access information to help you navigate the new UC system including guidelines on Keystone ID, configuration settings, filing claims, payments, Work Search requirements and more.

Keystone ID Temporary Workaround for Keystone ID Login Issues

This is a temporary workaround for all claimants who are having issues creating a Keystone ID. Please remember that this is a one-time process. Once you complete these steps you will be able to succesfully login to your account as intended.


Keystone ID - Logging into the new UC system 


  • Use your social security number 
  • Use your credentials from the old UC system 
  • Use your old PIN (unless you are filing by phone starting June 10th) 


  • Use a valid email address 
  • Secure your password 
  • Save all security answers in a safe location 
  • Keep trying to login with your Keystone ID credentials 


We are actively working to resolve all reported technical issues related to Keystone ID. 

As we work to solve these issues as soon as possible, here's a helpful reminder of best practices when using Keystone ID:

Be sure to turn off pop-up blockers

The new UC system navigates best using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox

 Payment Amount

The new system will deposit your UC benefit and the $300 FPUC stimulus payment in one lump sum. Previously, these payments were seperate and came a week apart. Therefore, please do not be alarmed when you see an increased amount of funds in your payment statement - it includes both benefit payment amounts.

​Workers' Compensation
protects employees and employers. Employees receive medical treatment and are compensated for lost wages associated with work-related injuries and disease, and employers provide for the cost of such coverage while being protected from direct lawsuits by employees.

Unemployment Compensation (UC)
provides temporary income support if you lose your job through no fault of your own or if you are working less than your full-time hours. If you qualify, you will receive money for a limited time to help you meet expenses while you seek new employment. To be eligible for UC benefits, you must be a worker who performed services that are covered by the Pennsylvania UC Law.​
 Reminder: When you certify for benefits select “No” when you are asked, “In the last 18 months, did you receive Workers’ Compensation payments?” Only select “Yes” if you were injured on the job AND had an approved Workers’ Compensation claim.​
Change your messaging alert settings
The new UC system automatically defaults to paper mail for claim confirmation. When you log into your account, please be sure to change the alert messaging preference to email. 
To learn how to update your settings, please watch our How to Change Communication Preferences video. 

File weekly or biweekly
With the new UC system, you can file for benefits on a weekly or biweekly basis. However, in the system, you will only see a “weekly” certification option. You do not need to select whether to file on a “weekly” or biweekly” basis. You will get paid according to when you file.
The button to file a weekly or biweekly claim is located here (click to expand):

The 1099s for regular unemployment, PEUC, and EB are not available online. If you did not receive the copy mailed to you and need your 1099 for tax purposes, please contact our UC Service Center at 888-313-7284.
Restarting Work Search – July 11-17, 2021
The new UC system won't require you to perform "work search" until the week of July 11-17, 2021. Beginning on July 18, 2021, individuals receiving benefits through any unemployment program in Pennsylvania – including UC, PEUC, and PUA – will need to certify each week that during the claim week they fulfilled the work search requirement by applying for two jobs and participating in one work search activity.
Please note that "work search" is different from "work registration." L&I has not yet made an announcement regarding the restart date of work registration; however, we encourage unemployment benefit recipients to register with PA CareerLink® as soon as possible to take advantage of free assistance with finding a new job.
 As we noted in our Enhancements Tracker, a very small percentage of claimants are seeing questions related to their work search activities. We are working on a fix now so you do not see these questions until you are required to perform a "work search" the week of July 11-17, 2021. 
Please be careful when answering questions in the new UC system. Once an answer has been provided, you will not change it in the new UC system. If you accidentally select an incorrect answer, the only way you will be able to fix it and move forward with your claim is to call the UC Service Center at or 888-313-7284.